Vagrant Deployments

We have also provided a Vagrantfile which allows you to deploy your own BridgeChain and Explorer together with no configuration necessary.

Note: This requires Vagrant version 2+ to be installed.

git clone

To initiate a Vagrant Machine, execute:

vagrant up

And once you wish to tear down the VM, enter:

vagrant destroy

Tweaking BridgeChain Options (Advanced)

Open up ~/ark-deployer/vagrant/config.json and you will see all the possible options that you can change. These are all used when deploying the BridgeChain on Vagrant and can be customized. Refer to the node options and explorer options before continuing to get an idea of what each does. Once you are happy with your settings, go ahead and start the Vagrant environment as above.

Next Steps

Tweak the configurations to your liking, and once you are ready for production deployment, ensure you have configured all GUI interfaces and secured the genesis funds.

Running a network of a single node is not possible. Add at least a node for each genesis delegate before publicly serving the network.