IoT (Internet of Things)

ARK IoT is a growing ecosystem of "things" interoperability that aims to make using IoT and blockchain technology easier.

If you previously wanted to use IoT and Crypto tech in general, you had to try dozens of libraries; wasting countless hours of tweaking and debugging. It's a lot like getting a 5,000-piece puzzle with no picture and no edges.

Much like in crypto, ARK's approach to a "framework for mass adoption" fit's perfectly here.

Even if you have the "big picture" in your head, you may not know where to start. ARK provides the "edge pieces"--or starting point--for your project; so you can spend less time debugging, and more time building.

ARK IoT features the first crypto SDK's designed to support IoT architecture, enabling novel use-cases on platforms with otherwise constrained resources.

Which SDK Supports IoT

Currently, the ARK Cpp-Client and Cpp-Crypto SDK's are designed to run on boards and platforms like Espressif, Arduino, PlatformIO.

The Cpp-Client SDK help developers fetch information from the ARK blockchain about its current state: which delegates are currently forging, what transactions are associated with a given wallet, and so on.

The Cpp-Crypto SDK, by contrast, assist developers in working with transactions: signing, serializing, deserializing, etc.

#"# Currently Supported Boards"

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