This section is tailored for institutional/production usage of ARK Core using ARK RPC-Server, designed and developed by ARK with some key innovations that will be used in other ARK projects as well (more on that in section “Key Features”).

Most exchanges and third-party services are familiar with Bicoind-RPC when listing or adding a cryptocurrency. Since ARK is a custom blockchain, some companies have had difficulty navigating through our GitHub and integrating ARK into their platform. ARK-RPC provides a more familiar interface into the ARK Ecosystem.

The two most popular means of accessing the ARK blockchain are via the Public API and the JSON-RPC. Though the Public API is the recommended approach, we include instructions here on how to accomplish the most common tasks on both API surfaces.

We have added "quick guides" to walk you through the process of interacting with the ARK blockchain in each API.

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