This describes the resources that make up the internal P2P. If you have any problems or requests please open an issue.

Public Testing Relay

If you are not running a relay yourself you can use to test API calls. Happy developing!


In order to communicate with the P2P API you will need to provide the nethash of the network you are working on, node version and port. Authenticating with an invalid nethash will return {"success": false}.


Name Type Description Required
nethash string The nethhash of the network you are making the request on
version string The version of ARKEcosystem/ark-node.
port int The port used for communication.


Name Value
nethash 6e84d08bd299ed97c212c886c98a57e36545c8f5d645ca7eeae63a8bd62d8988
version 1.0.3
port 1


Name Value
nethash 578e820911f24e039733b45e4882b73e301f813a0d2c31330dafda84534ffa23
version 1.0.3
port 1

Create a Transaction


POST /peer/transactions

Body Parameters

Name Type Description Required
transactions array The list of transactions to create.


    "success": true,
    "transactionIds": [